Benefits of Ball Hockey in Canada

People have different expectations from what they believe to be an exciting game. Some people like the competition, others like team play in group games, while others simply love the excitement of being in the spotlight. Believe it or not, ball hockey comes to meet most people`s expectations. Ball hockey is known for giving all the players a chance to move around. There is a lot of energy required, and putting the physical effort is usually what brings on the endorphines that make you feel so much better after a game of ball hockey. Despite common belief, ball hockey is a highly available sport. There`s no restriction other than personal medical ones each person should consider. Ball hockey goes beyond age and gender, as it offers the same excitement for all those who get involved. If you`re looking for an inviting spot that makes everyone feel welcome, you`ve to find it. Make sure you use it to spend quality time with your friends, while also benefiting from an amazing workout. A lot like yoga!
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The History Of Ice Skating

Have you ever thought about the origin of ice skating? How has it evolved through all of this year in the history? Where did the idea come from and who was the first person to put on those skate blades and glide across the frozen lake? How and when did it turn into a sport? We have taken the liberty of mapping the entire timeline in order to walk you thoroughly through the evolution of ice skating over the years.

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Hockey History Lesson #1

The word “hockey” may well derive from the old French word “bouquet” which was a shepherd’s crook or from the Dutch word “cookie”. This was an old word for a doghouse, which may have been used as a goal. Field hockey history, however, seems to be traceable much further back… 4,000 years ago someone drew pictures in an Egyptian tomb of a sport that looks very much like field hockey. Ice hockey history does not date back this far, and the oldest recorded history is a Dutch painting from the 17th Century, which clearly shows some form of the game being played. Thanks so much to Duane who helped us get this information and you can find out more about his business here.

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Malone Talks Fights & Goaltending Decisions Loom

Welcome back to the best place for a Carolina Hurricanes hockey fan, your home off the ice, Canes Hockey Fan! A lot has happened since our last blog and we’re going to dive right in there soon enough. Thanks to everyone who has been following us here on the blog and we appreciate your shares on our social media like Facebook and Twitter. We will continue trying to give you up to date coverage on our beloved Hurricanes as time and work permits. Now that the thank yous and public service announcements are out of the way let’s get to some hockey!

Did you ever notice that Brad Malone looks like Michael C. Hall? A lot of people have remarked on his striking resemblance to the actor who is also a native of Raleigh. We know Malone as the powerhouse enforcer for the ‘Canes during the last two years of great hockey. He’s a huge type player and really bangs in the corners.
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Smashing The Senators & All Things Poturalski

Welcome back all your amazing fellow Canes fans! It’s been an exciting week for our favorite puck slingers the Carolina Hurricanes from a big comeback win that will hopefully ensure a strong season finish to the term agreement concerning Poturalki. We’ve got a lot of ice to cover so let’s dive right in, shall we?

The game day began with the Hurricanes honoring folks in the public safety sector and thanking them to their service to the Carolina community and the country in general. The entire match up was titled ” Public Safety Appreciation” night and plenty of fans were hooting and hollering their support for our civil servants.  Continue reading “Smashing The Senators & All Things Poturalski”

Guest Blogger : Weekly Canes News Roundup

We’re always trying to keep the best and up to date information available for all our fellow Carolina Hurricanes Hockey fans but of course there’s work, family and everything in between that can get in the way of great hockey coverage. Today we have the luck and honor to have our trusted friend and fellow hockey fanatic Ted Gunderson fill us all in on some recent Hurricanes news. If you’re in his area and looking for quality HVAC repair in Murfreesboro, TN his company gives top quality service at a fair price. N0w, on to Ted and some Hurriances hockey news!

We’ve blasted the Blackhawks and CAM IS BACK! Greetings and salutations my fellow fanatics: let’s get right into the most recent news all about our favorite hockey team, the Carolina Hurricanes.
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All About A Belt – What’s New In The Canes Locker Room?

Our very own Carolina Hurricanes are passing around a new interesting wearable around the locker room that will help keep the post game celebrations awesome. The brand new thing is a belt! The belt is much like a championship belt that you would see in sports like boxing or wrestling.

The official Hurricanes logo claims the center of the new championship belt along with the text “Carolina Hurricanes. ” Also included is the short hand for established in 1997, when the Whaler’s became our now beloved Carolina Hurricanes. There’s a bunch of other graphical widgets on the fancy belt including one side that has a very important shorthand. The shorthand is “P2W” which we will describe below in the article. The opposite side of the Carolina Hurricanes belt has “Team First” which is definitely a helpful and inspiring reminder to all members of the team.

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