All About A Belt – What’s New In The Canes Locker Room?

belt canes hockey fan

Our very own Carolina Hurricanes are passing around a new interesting wearable around the locker room that will help keep the post game celebrations awesome. The brand new thing is a belt! The belt is much like a championship belt that you would see in sports like boxing or wrestling.

The official Hurricanes logo claims the center of the new championship belt along with the text “Carolina Hurricanes. ” Also included is the short hand for established in 1997, when the Whaler’s became our now beloved Carolina Hurricanes. There’s a bunch of other graphical widgets on the fancy belt including one side that has a very important shorthand. The shorthand is “P2W” which we will describe below in the article. The opposite side of the Carolina Hurricanes belt has “Team First” which is definitely a helpful and inspiring reminder to all members of the team.

Who brought the ‘Canes this cool belt? Head Coach Bill Peters debuted the belt right after the epic win over the New Jersey team one Saturday in December. Player Andrej Nestrasil was given the distinction of the first Hurricane to receive and get to wear the new belt. The belt was packaged and stored safely by Andrej for the next game which took place in Chicago and was a long trek for our cherished ‘Canes. The next player to have the belt handed to him was John-Michael Liles immediately following the Carolina Hurricane’s victory with a score of 2-1 that following Sunday. The best part? Eye witness accounts place Liles in the Hurricane locker room strutting around with the belt around his waist. The belt was further displayed by John-Michael both going on and off the plan including taking it to the ‘Canes practice.

Now what does this belt really stand for? The many rumors and suppositions go farther than a slapshot on the outside but we’ve narrowed down a few quotes that elucidate the purpose of this new adornment.

Michael Smith had little to say about it. He was quoted as saying ” Peters was coy when I asked him about it. ”

Not much more from Nestralil on the purpose of the belt but he was able to describe some of the symbology and what it meant to the players. ” The fireman helmet for me means work ethic. That should be a work ethic award ” he said. ” The belt, I don’t know, someone who gets a hat-trick or wins the game. We’ll see. ”

Liles attempted to explain some aspects of the belt. ” Right now it’s a combination of, I believe, hardest working or laying it on the line or something. There’s a lot of speculation going around.

Liles had a little to say on the subject as well! He said ” Honestly, I don’t think we’ve really narrowed down what the belt stands for. Given that I won it last night, the rumor is that it’s for the best 35 year old in the game. ”

Won’t it be interesting to find out what the belt truly was meant to mean? Also, there’s no telling what it will come to mean for our own Carolina Hurricanes in the months ahead. We know one thing for sure : an added bonus to get the best team doing even better can only mean great things for the ‘Canes.

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