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Welcome back to the best place for a Carolina Hurricanes hockey fan, your home off the ice, Canes Hockey Fan! A lot has happened since our last blog and we’re going to dive right in there soon enough. Thanks to everyone who has been following us here on the blog and we appreciate your shares on our social media like Facebook and Twitter. We will continue trying to give you up to date coverage on our beloved Hurricanes as time and work permits. Now that the thank yous and public service announcements are out of the way let’s get to some hockey!

Did you ever notice that Brad Malone looks like Michael C. Hall? A lot of people have remarked on his striking resemblance to the actor who is also a native of Raleigh. We know Malone as the powerhouse enforcer for the ‘Canes during the last two years of great hockey. He’s a huge type player and really bangs in the corners.

Malone is the first guy you can count on when you need an enforcer’s protection from other players. Brad even contributes in a dynamic towards offensive plays which makes for a well rounded ¬†player. ¬†Malone, in a recent interview, was quoted to say that there’s “room for it in the game” when it comes to fighting in hockey. Fights in general have been on the decline in the National Hockey League for well over six years now. A lot of people have brought up serious arguments concerning the over all merits of fighting.

Malone spent much of the interview underling the general positive use of fighting in hockey : without adding that “fear” element, players will emulate the college style and swing around the ice looking for the bigger hits. Concussions came up in the discussion which has to be a big consideration for all players. Classic enforcing in hockey is on the decline but we’re proud of Brad for still being of the best examples of a “gentleman enforcer” on and off the ice.

Switching gears to what could become the end of the area, it’s time to talk shop about Cam Ward and his future (or not ) as our favorite goaltender for the Carolina Hurricanes hockey team. For over a decade, since we picked him up in 2002, Cam has been a crucial piece of making the ‘Canes work as well as they do. Something we have to mention here is the high emotional context all of this is happening in : Ward may very well have cleared out his still at PNC for the final time and you could see that start to sink in during his recent interviews. Imagine the kind of relationships and roots you would have been building living in Raleigh for the last ten years.

The situation ultimately comes down to VP and GM Ron Francis as we all know. We all know that free agents are a possibility especially after his Cam’s less than stellar save percentage this past season. Ward is a class act all the way and instead of mentioning his possible ejection focused on praise for his rookie defense line. We’d love to give you more information on this but at best here’s a parting shot of conjecture:

Cam is more than solid goalie year after year. This year? Not so much but that doesn’t put him completely out. Carolina put Ward up as their Stanley Cup ‘tender and doesn’t that say a lot? We here at Canes Hockey Fan vote they give him another year instead of placing him right out or as a back up. The lack of scoring up front tells a deeper cautionary tale of what we should be focusing on instead of chopping off a possible star in the making.

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