Smashing The Senators & All Things Poturalski

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Welcome back all your amazing fellow Canes fans! It’s been an exciting week for our favorite puck slingers the Carolina Hurricanes from a big comeback win that will hopefully ensure a strong season finish to the term agreement concerning Poturalki. We’ve got a lot of ice to cover so let’s dive right in, shall we?

The game day began with the Hurricanes honoring folks in the public safety sector and thanking them to their service to the Carolina community and the country in general. The entire match up was titled ” Public Safety Appreciation” night and plenty of fans were hooting and hollering their support for our civil servants. 

Head Coach Bill Peters held palaver with members of the sports media after the Hurricane’s finished their early morning skate. A lot was discussed so here’s a summary of sorts:

Peters said that the Ottawa Senators were a “real quick team” with four balanced lines. He also commented that our Hurricanes would have to keep up the special teams battle in a consistent fashion.  On the special teams in general Coach Peters expressed confidence in the amount of practice time that they had put in and noted there had been plenty of progress. “The young guys that have come in on the penalty kill have been eager and done a good job getting in shooting lanes and doing heavy lifting there. ”

Our favorite Coach remarked on Woodsy as well! He expressed a complimentary attitude towards the rookie and noted a future with the Hurricanes would depend on Woods’ ability to “get in on the forecheck and be disruptive. ” Hopefully Woods will get his feet going and be noticeable as Peters remarked.

The trade deadline was also a hot topic and Peters gave his opinions there as well. Noting that there had already been two games since the deadline, the coach underlined the fact that the Hurricanes had gotten three out of four possible points. No plans to toss in the towel yet apparently. He complimented the veteran leadership in their ability to enhance the current crop of “great kids in that room.”

In other Hurricane happenings, forward Andrew Poturalski was taken on with a two year entry level contract. VP Ron Francis ( who is also our General Manager) made the announcement on Tuesday. The amount of money that Poturalski will receive is ample but well within league standards. As we all know Poturalski was ranked second overall in scoring for the NCAA after the end of his second season with UNM. Fans remarked that Andrew would be adding the “wheels and hands” to the team and expressed lots of excitement for this addition.

That’s all we got for now on the Carolina Hurricanes! Stayed tuned right here to Canes Hockey Fan for more updates on the best hockey team this side of the ice. Stay frosty, friends.

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