Central and Eastern Europe in the Middle Ages: A Cultural History (International Library of Historical Studies)

When the European immigrants came to America, they brought their versions of hockey, shinty and hurling with them. In some areas, it became popular to play these games on ice and stick, and ball games were enjoyed anywhere there was a suitable lake. By the mid-1800s the game had become extremely popular and many games were played by the British soldiers. By the 1870s, its appeal had warranted a set of rules being devised at Montreal’s McGill University. Each team contained nine players, and the ball was replaced by a puck. In more recent years, hockey history has been carefully studied by the Society for International Hockey Research, and it would seem that there are a few gray areas regarding its early history. They do, however, know about the first recorded organized game where a score was kept and the teams identified.

This took place on 3rd March 1875 at the Victoria Skating Rink in Montreal. Shortly afterward, in 1877, the McGill University Hockey Club went down in history as the first club to exist. The popularity of hockey grew, and the Amateur Hockey Association of Canada was organized in 1886. It was also popular in Europe with Oxford and Cambridge Universities both having teams. There was a great rivalry between these two, as you would expect. This was probably the first in the history of the game. By the end of the 1800s, the game was well established, and there were many teams being organized. Hockey had reached many other parts of the United States.

Professional league teams made their debut in hockey history just before World War 1. Starting in Michigan, this quickly incorporated Canada, Switzerland, Ukraine, Great Britain and Austria. Although there are now only six players on a team and play now takes place on ice rinks rather than frozen lakes, some aspects remain just the same. Clothing has come a long way since its conception, and all professional players will wear quite considerable protective clothing. This is no surprise when you consider that the game involves a lot of body contact and also that the puck can travel extremely fast.

There are many heroes in hockey history, and the game has gone on to become one of America’s most popular sports. Professional players are very high visibility stars, and the game is lucrative. It has a combination of glamor, speed, technical ability and aggression that makes it compulsive viewing.

Some emotional guideline changes were connected that advanced the diversion to a field of eleven players while hockey gear started to progress also. The utilization of wellbeing gear to incorporate cushions, caps, mouth pieces and defensive eye shields have drastically enhanced from the beginning of hockey history. It was not phenomenal to not wear head gear until the most recent couple of decades.

The worldwide claim of hockey became massively because of the Olympic Games. It was initially played at the Games in 1924 and just permitted male groups. Canada was a sure thing to win the gold decoration as they won the initial six out of seven golds. From the mid-fifties to the eighties the Soviet Union overwhelmed. Despite the fact that the US won its first gold award in hockey history in1960 it was the 1980 “Supernatural occurrence on Ice” where our novice school group went ahead to beat the vigorously supported Russians that prodded development in Americas hankering for hockey.

The NHL as we probably are aware it today was shaped in 1917 and comprises of 30 groups 24 of which are from America and the rest of Canada. The central part of the players originate from Canada, Europe, and America. There is. Additionally, an International Association called the International Hockey Federation which was framed in 1908 and proceeds with today by facilitating a portion of the biggest worldwide ice hockey competitions. These two associations have mounted and represent game as we probably are aware it today. The game has grown a considerable measure from twigs and balls to a noteworthy global movement that produces billions in income every year and has probably the most astonishing competitors on the planet, so goes the history of hockey.