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Science Fiction

By Eric Flint

ISBN-10: 1439134251

ISBN-13: 9781439134252

            The <st1:state>West Virginia</st1:state> city of <st1:city>Grantville</st1:city>, torn from the 20 th century and hurled again into 17th century <st1:place>Europe</st1:place> has allied with Gustavus Adolphus, King of Sweden, within the usa of Europe. So, while Gustavus invades <st1:place><st1:country-region>Poland</st1:country-region></st1:place>, handling to unite the entire squabbling Polish factions into repelling the typical enemy, the time-lost american citizens need to fear approximately getting dragged into the struggle besides the Swedish forces.
            yet Mike Stearns has one other challenge. He was once best Minister of the USE until eventually he misplaced an election, and now he’s certainly one of Gustavus’s generals; and he has tested that he’s excellent at being a normal. And he’s approximately to actually want all his army flair. Gretchen , who by no means observed a revolution she didn’t like, has been arrested in <st1:place>Saxony</st1:place>, and is perhaps completed. The progressive teams which she has been operating with should not approximately to permit that take place, and unexpectedly there’s rioting within the streets. <st1:place>Saxony</st1:place>’s ruthless normal Baner is decided to suppress the rebellion by way of the universal “kill all of them and permit God style them out” process, which simply provides gasoline to the hearth. So Gustavus orders Mike Stearns to visit <st1:place>Saxony</st1:place> and fix order. yet he makes one mistake.
            He didn’t inform Mike to take his troops alongside at the challenge. yet he didn’t inform him not to, both . . .
Praise for the New York occasions Best-Selling Series:
“. . . gripping and expertly particular . . . a deal with for fans of action-SF or trade heritage . . . conflict scenes depicted with strength . . . distinguishes Flint as an SF writer of specific observe, one that can entertain and edify in equivalent, and significant, measure.” —Publishers Weekly (in a starred review)
“[This] alternate-history saga . . . is unquestionably a landmark in that subgenre. . . . A appropriate instance of character-centered alternate-history, this can be a needs to learn for its series' transforming into fandom.” —Booklist (Starred Review)
“. . . takes ancient hypothesis to a brand new point in a story that mixes actual ancient learn with daring leaps of the mind's eye. fanatics of exchange heritage and army sf may still get pleasure from this rousing story of experience and intrigue.” —Library Journal
“This exchange background sequence is already the best round and every new access seems to be higher than the former one, a doubtless very unlikely feat . . . excellent. . . .” —The <st1:place>Midwest</st1:place> e-book Review

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