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Military Sciences

By Meinhaj Hussain

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This booklet represents a piece within the highbrow foundation of an Islamic nation this present day. contains rules on a political and financial types in addition to discussions on an army technique for this type of country. The publication additionally discusses the simplest place for this kind of nation this present day and operational info together with how most sensible to result in this type of kingdom and her common overseas coverage. The e-book is a creation of, a Muslim/Islamic imagine tank.** [C:\Users\Microsoft\Documents\Calibre Library]

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It will be tied in with the educational system of the country and have a meritocratic basis on the level of Islamic education one has. Thus, for instance and in relation to the legal system, a citizen who has taken Islam as a subject at the high school level may receive one vote, a citizen having done the same at a college level may receive 5 votes, and a citizen that has studied Islam at the graduate level may receive 10 votes these votes will go to electing the Legal institution of the country.

In Pakistan, homosexuality in the North West has grown to the extent that truck drivers feel pride in taking along a young and good looking boy along with them, and to display them sitting next to them in the truck. Gays and other perversions are rampant throughout most major Muslim metropolises. In Bangladesh, Qaris have been heard to petrol madrassahs at night with a stick, for the children go into each other‘s beds and fornicate. Imams, mullahs and other religion-based office holders are being caught at regular intervals sexually abusing children.

To the benefit of Muslim resisters in Afghanistan and Iraq this has been the case, for if they had better coordination between their CAS and their ground forces, the freedom fighters in Afghanistan and Iraq would be far more restricted. To conceptualize how close air support should ideally operate, we must consider 4 elements - armor, motorized infantry, artillery and CA-AC (Combined Arms Air Component. NOTE: I shall continue to use the term CAS interchangeably for the sake of familiarity, but will be meaning CA-AC, emphasizing proactive engagement over the reactive).

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