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By Bhikkhu Bodhi

This smooth translation of the Abhidhammattha Sangaha (Manual of Abhidhamma) deals an creation to Buddhism's basic philosophical psychology. initially written within the eleventh or twelfth century, the Sangaha has served because the key to knowledge held within the Abhidhamma. Concisely surveyed are Abhidhamma's imperative subject matters, together with states of attention and psychological components, the services and procedures of the brain, the cloth global, based coming up, and the equipment and levels of meditation. This provides a precise translation of the Sangaha along the unique Pali textual content. a close, explanatory advisor with greater than forty charts and tables lead readers throughout the complexities of Adhidhamma. This replaces 9552401038.

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According to the Abhidhamma, Arahants may smile with one of five cittas — the four beautiful sensesphere functional cittas (see below, §15) and the rootless smile-producing consciousness mentioned here. §11. Summary of Rootless Consciousness Satt’ākusalapākāni puññapākāni aṭṭhadhā Kriyācittāni tīṇī ti aṭṭhārasa ahetukā. Seven are unwholesome-resultants. Wholesome-resultants are eightfold. Three are functionals. Thus, the rootless are eighteen. §12. Beautiful Consciousness (sobhanacittāni) Pāpāhetukamuttāni sobhanānī ti vuccare Ekūnasaṭṭhi cittāni ath’ekanavutī pi vā.

That consciousness which arises with prompting or inducement by expedient means is called “prompted” (saṁkhārika). In the greed-rooted class of consciousness, four types are unprompted, or spontaneous, and four types are prompted, or induced. §5. Consciousness rooted in hatred (dosamūlacittāni) — 2 9. Domanassasahagataṁ paṭighasampayuttaṁ asaṁkhārikam ekaṁ. 10. Domanassasahagataṁ paṭighasampayuttaṁ sasaṁkhārikam ekan ti. Imāni dve pi paṭighasampayuttacittāni nāma. 9. One consciousness, accompanied by displeasure, associated with aversion, unprompted.

C) Saṁkhāra also denotes the fourth aggregate and includes all mental formations, whether they belong to “karmically forming” consciousness or not. (D) Saṁkhāra occurs further in the sense of anything formed or conditioned and includes all things whatever in the world — all phenomena of existence. ” Cf. Nyanatiloka, Buddhist Dictionary: Manual of Buddhist Terms and Doctrines (fourth revised edition [1980]), pp. 190—192. 30 1. Compendium of Consciousness Guide to §5 Consciousness rooted in hatred (dosamūlacittāni): The second class of unwholesome consciousness analyzed by the Abhidhamma is that rooted in hatred (dosa), the second of the three unwholesome roots.

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